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Join the Friends of St. Mary's

Who Are the Friends of St. Mary's?

The Friends of St. Mary’s is our primary source of funds. It’s a monthly contribution made by heros like you to support the work we do. 

In addition to funding key initiatives, Friends are automatically entered into a monthly draw with a prize of up to €200*. 

If you can, we would really appreciate you signing up to become a Friend of St. Mary’s to support our work and possibly win some money.

How do I join the Friends?

By simply filling out the form on this page you will be joined up to the Friends of St. Mary’s.

We will take an initial contribution of €12.50 from you credit card or bank account and will continue to do so each month.

*The prize fund is determined by the number of active donors. The more generous parents we have donating the more generous the prize.